Ganor Engineering work in different countries

The Ganor Group was created in 2009, with different activities, which have in common to provide

its clients products and services of different character,  according to their specialty, fundamentally linked to the metal sector.


Ganor Engineering was born in 2015 and is the company in charge of commercial and contracting processes. Directs the activity of the group, taking responsibility  for  the  management of  turnkey projects: the management of manufacturing, execution, assembly and delivery to the client.  


After a detailed study of the scope and scope of  the  project by  the technical team,  their specific needs are evaluated in order to direct the same to the most appropriate collaborating company.


Each of these companies brings a high personal experience, which allows us to provide the client with comprehensive services of the highest quality in virtually any type of project.



The  companies that  offer  external  services are  supported by  a staff that provides the general services   of   Administration,  Commercial   Department,  Technical  Department and  Production Department. 

We work in various sectors such as calculation, engineering, locksmith manufacturing,galvanized boilermaking, metal structures, modular housing manufacturing and 3D printing






Hot galvanized

Painting and thermo lacquering
Metallic structures

Modular housings

Impression 3D


Metal constructions

Solar thermal and photovoltaic


Boilermaking and conveyor belts

Modular construction


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